Thursday, September 28, 2006

Waki Wikis

I looked at several of the Library Wikki's suggested on
the Learning 2.0 blog.

Libraries can use Wiki's for online Readers' Advisory/Book Discussions.
It seems like another, easier, format for something like Reader's Club, but
I think the original review would have to be protected.

I also like Bull Run's wikki. I think using a Wiki for a genalogical department is a great idea.
What a good way for people to input their research, that often takes a long time to find.
I think Genealogists would be proud to share their information on a Wiki.

Also, a Library could use a Wiki to promote programs, giving background about the program, bibliographies, and allowing patrons to post information and feedback.

The coolest thing I found is .

this is an internet radio station that creates a radio station for your tastes.
Try it out.


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