Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Technorati 2.0

New assignment: search Technorati for Learning 2.0.

Blog posts: I wonder if you have to use the quotes to search for the entire term.
I didn't, and I'm getting a ton of posts with the word Learning in it. 2.0 seems to be connected with Web 2.0
Tried it with quotation marks, did get some actual blog posts with the phrase Learning 2.0 in it.

Very broad search, over 11 pages of blog entries.

When I searched Tags, I got more specific information about Learning 2.0. There must be a lot of people all over the country using Learning 2.0

59 posts were tagged with Learning 2.0

As I expected, when I searched the blog directory for Learning 2.0, I got an even more narrow, right on the money search. 10 blogs concerning Learning 2.0.

If you really want to focus on an entire blog on your subject, use the Blog Directory Search.

This all reminds me of my early days in Library Land when we used the Dialog company of electronic databases. We spent hours refining our searches to get to the most specific information so we didn't have to pay for extra online time or useless hits.
Now, we don't worry about connect time, but we still plan our searches to get to the most specific information the fastest. However, you also are depending on the person who assigned the tags, and who described their Blog with the subject of the blog.

Assignment 2:

exploring top Blogs, Searches and Tags

Okay, it strikes me that the Top 100 blogs are mostly blogs about Technology and blogs written by people who've become famous because they write blogs.
There are some current events blogs, but there are also a lot of blogs by people like Ariana Huffington, and other politicos, who have nothing to do but run off at the mouth and are read by people who have nothing to do but search the web all day long.

This makes me think that blogs don't offer any real information outside of the world of technology.
I also don't think I would use a blog as a research tool.

Top Searches:

Well, you do need to be more specific than putting in the word Pinky to search for.
You never know in what kind of post the word Pinky will show up.

Under searches, you see people looking for Celebrity news and current events.

This is a good use for blogs--people's opinions on current events (shared experiences) and celebrity gossip.

Top Tags:

Interesting! you can see what people all over the world are writing about.
Also, I see that the good thing about blogs is that they are used as communications tools.

There was a post about Lonelygirl115, a girl that made videos of her everyday life. Turns out, she is not real person. It is an art project. This shows you that you can't believe everything on the net is true.
Blogging is a great social tool.
Not so sure it is an accurate information tool.

There doesn't seem to be anything from normal people.


Blogger Heidi said...

I recently learned about LonleyGirl(whatever her number was) and saw how people were actually devastated to learn she was a fake! its an odd world out here, Sis

6:34 AM  

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